jane (maybejane) wrote,

hullo hullo i got a new belt today

i got a new belt today! it is cheesy leather with a silver buckle with raod runner on it. i suppose this makes me happy. i babysat tonite. i almost made the kid cry, because we were sumo wrestling with bean bag chairs and i think i squished him too hard, and then i hurt his foot when i was looking for toe jam. oh well. the pathetic 8 year old needs to learn self defense or he'll never get by. i wonder what it would be like to be 8 again. if i were 8 i would be a pirate. i need to sleep soon, though. i am tired but not sad like many. i like my friends. and when i think about dying, i know people would care. you should know that too, veronica. you don't need me to repeat for the hundredth time which of your stunning qualities make you so talented and lovable and hilarious and beautiful. well, needless to say it has a lot to do with your multi purpose wopality. but i goitta do hw now, or something, and ponder relentless the issues which every other teen is pondering relentlessly, such as who came first, kenny g or g love and special sauce. i'm leaning towards g love, but it could be because i am an astute fan, does anyone think it is wierd to correct a letter that someone gives you with a red pen as if it were a fake assignment and then give it back to them instead of writing a new letter?
thank you for your cervices.
love, jane
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