jane (maybejane) wrote,

sleepless in....... baton rouge, apparently

so yeah. hey, everybody..... although i suppose "whoever" is more accurate. it is late. or early. but the point of the matter is, i will get no more than 3 1/2 hours of sleep tonite, for all those who care. i wish somebody was online to talk to right now.... but you are most likely all resting your sweet heads upon the pillow, dreaming of garden burgering nick nestler, if you're LUCKY LIKE SOME PEOPLE. i am happy tonite, because i finally had a real conversation with my good friend mauve carpet, and she is faring much better today. she apparently hung out with homicide, which made her a very cheery girl. i am incredibly pleased to have talked to her on a more personal level, because for a while there i was fearing something had been lost. thank heavens! i don't think any of us are really lost yet, just dumbfounded; mystified by the twists and turns of the shitty road of life. i dunno about you, but my road could sure as hell use some paving. but you know what they always say: it's better to travel a bumpy road by wagon than to pull a wagon on a bumpy raod. oh, fuck it! can't i just fly? but those are the boots that fit, and they're chartreuse. might as well love 'em. eef! i wanna talk to toothbrush..........
but enough about me. how are you? did you enjoy your meal this evening? i did. fresh tomatoes. bye now.
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