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Whew! Read the lower two entries if you wish to know why I am definitely craazy sorry fer the rambling, guys. Back to toothbrush, now (the audience groans.) I LIKE HIM SO MUCH! And I admit that its for immature reasons, such as the way he dances when theres no music, and always has bags under his eyes, and holds his fork. Eef.and his horrible, beautiful posture. and the words he says, and his laugh which somehow, disturbingly, reminds me of my uncle's. ooh.........i don't know! i am experiencing multitudes of frustration, and i can't be sure if it's because i've lost some one who i really care about or if it's because i've lost something that filled some shallow teenage void somehow...... probably a little bit of both. we broke up because we agreed that we weren't spending enough time together... which i campletely agree with. but i know there were other reasons, like the fact that we weren't all that close. it's kind of pathetic when your strongest connection is physical. fun, but kind of pathetic. i feel like he never really popened up to me, no matter how much i told hi,. or like he never had problems. well, other than our relationship, which became a problem. i apologize, by hte way, who have been hearing me comment on this situation nonstop. i don't profess maturity, emotional or otherwise... i'm just another lonely confused kiddo in a world with too many to care about. wish me luck. i'm having a hard time, but not as hard as many. i'm just tryin to scratch a lot of backs, and i appreciate all the scratching i've gotten in return. not to sound to pre-conventional, you kohlberg fans.......... but anyways, i wanted to say thanks, to all those freindly faces and warm hugs. you know who you are. i love you.
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