jane (maybejane) wrote,

lost my toothbrush

i know that to many, a toothbrush is a very insignificant object. it should be insignificant to me, as well, i suppose; however, i am at one of those points in life called a rut, where, pathetically, much meaning can be found in an object used for cleaning one's dental unit. ok, my toothbrush was not that exactly, although our respective dental units did, at times, make some contact.no, i'd like to think of my toothr=brush on a deeper level. he was more of a symbol of my sanity, not that i would be insane without him, but that with him things just seemed a little easier. i am at a point where, like many, the world is't being round enough. instead, it's covered in bumps and pits that, one can often trip and fall in. i myself have made a meagre homestead in a medium sized pit with a frigdeand a tv in it, so i've got it pretty good, if i ignore the fact that i'm in a hole. prettty soon i will become so restless that i will grow wings and fly out of my pit into the vast, scary world of adult-ish life (meaning life where many people, called adults, do adult things like work and drink and have sex and be depressed about adult matters), but this will not be for a few more years. instead, i must content myself with my little tv and my fridge. lately though, the tv's been off. ope! gotta go so mom can utilize phone....... will cantinue lame metaphore later.
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